A world apart

A world apart

21 chapters / 12946 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


I know some of you may not like the ending, but I had to finish this one. I didn't have a full plot, a way to stretch it out. It was just an idea. Besides, I wanted to try a tragedy.


Writing, Romance, Serial



4 months ago chensolo said:

Pleasant all kinds of love, unforgettable always in the past. Dear yourself, past injury, past mistakes, past Nike Free Run 3 glory, and past past, since it is the past, why struggle and crazy?


over 5 years ago soraya said:

Oh my god. I just finish reading this book and it was absolutely amazing. I cried when he died but somehow i knew he was going to. You should definetly make a sequal i really want to know what happens next.


over 5 years ago Jordon Carmichael said:

haven't finished reading this yet...still working on it, but I absolutely love it. It is so adorable.


over 5 years ago Elizabeth Rose said:

Are you going to make a sequeal? If not thats ok, it just kind of ended oddly. But i loved it anyways.


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