Days Ago

Days Ago

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Published in four different anthologies, and won a first place award from World Poetry Movement. A poem dedicated to my grandmother, Annette, who died a few years ago. Inspired by my grandmother Rosalind, who recently turned 90.

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24 days ago Rahman said:

nice, i like

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about 1 month ago Vanna said:

Beautiful! I did something similar and wrote a song about my grandpa who passed away rip to him and your grandmother

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6 months ago Vanna said:




almost 2 years ago Sophia G. said:

You did such an amazing job! You made this so deep, giving exact words to what it feels like after a break up. I'm really impressed with this, and this is so amazing and emotional. Keep writing! :)


over 2 years ago Usagi said:

This is amazing. It has so much feeling in it!