Love Happens

Love Happens

7 chapters / 13997 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Chloe Masters is a budding beauty, a promising young prodigy, and well known amongst the small town, as the daughter of German infamous plastic surgeon genious, Johnathon Masters. Her Italian-American mother, Kristine Masters, is the beautiful and talented author of nearly twenty best-selling self help books.

Chloe has always been at the top of her classes. She is amazingly talented in the art of Ballet, and the future looks bright for her, and her wisdom and heart guide her. She wasn’t looking for him, he just appeared.

Alexander Shift, an extremely exceptional man. A man of virtue, values, but a bit of vice as well. He has a background, that most parents would be proud of, a student at Yale, a young Professor at a local University. If his own future seems bright, it’s a little mis-leading. He has his own deep, devestating secrets.

Alex’s outlook on life, takes a turn when Chloe falls into his life. He certainly never expected to fall in love with her, and he definitely couldn’t explain why she captivated him. Their love becomes overwhelming for him, and he likes it, but things begin to take a turn for the worse. Their world seems to fall apart around themselves, and though things seem impossible, Chloe never lets go.

Love just happens.


Drama, Romance, Suspense



over 3 years ago Jasmin Ayona said:

This is an awesome book. I hope you write the ending.

Gir is awesome

over 3 years ago Raylene Hernandez said:

Wow I want to read more please write the rest ;)and hurry I can't wait


about 4 years ago Hannah Harper (shadowhunter) said:

By the angel please write more!!

Feather pen

about 5 years ago Lizzyp23 said:

this is really good you should do more stuff like this.



over 6 years ago Jarvis said:

Let's see. You have an interesting writing style, I'll say that. Interesting, which means kinda good, and kinda bad.

I'll be blunt, and focus on the bad, because that'll help you improve. After the first several, long paragraphs, "she" has not been named. Now, postponing naming a character for the sake of artistic awesomeness I understand. It adds mystery, it adds a unique flavor, but it does make it very hard to care about your protagonist.

Also, we need drama. The first sentence is good -- it sets up a woman, walking through a town in the evening. The rest (describing her and her clothes) is not the dramatic WOW we need for the start of a story like this.

Maybe run through an edit or two, but this has a lot of promise and you have earned yourself a follow!