As Green Stars

As Green Stars

1 chapter / 491 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


He has autism. She's falling in love. *Finalist in the Seventeen Magazine Contest! Thank you guys for your support, this story means a lot to me!*

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almost 6 years ago earthboundpixie said:

AH, I adore this piece. I really enjoy how you constructed this and your usage of the bolded lines....a very effective tool. I love how you phrased "Their foreign syllables roll off his tongue as if they were created solely for his recitation." This little sentence speaks volumes. Oh, and the way your final line brings this all together is just perfection.


almost 6 years ago Dania.M.V said:

i love this very much!! It's so beautiful. This really shows alot about love. That every person on earth can be loved and love no matter if they are deaf, blind..ect. Amazing!!


almost 6 years ago Jordan S. said:

I love your story! It has a cute, but not overwhelming, romance, and I like how you listed the symptoms of autism. It made the story seem a lot more real and completed it very well. Good luck in the contest!


almost 6 years ago Cailin said:

This is simply a beautiful piece of art. Wow.


An example of bioluminescence

over 4 years ago The Amber Raven said:

You know, it's rather difficult to find fiction with autistic characters that isn't offensive... but this? This is good. A bit stereotypical, perhaps, but I'm really excited to have found this story. :3 It's very well-written, and respects autistics fairly well. I'm in the process of being diagnosed myself, so... yeah.

The only objection that I have is that it seems that the main character loves him *despite* his autism rather than just loving him in general. If that makes sense. I still like it, though. Thank you for writing. :)

~The Amber Raven


almost 6 years ago britney said: