The President's Wastebasket

The President's Wastebasket

1 chapter / 2350 words

Approximately 12 minutes to read


A sequel/spin-off of my earlier story titled "So Help Me God", this time told from the perspective of the president's speechwriter. Kinda autobiographical, but not really.



about 5 years ago zuiver said:

Wow!! Your writing is excellent :) your ideas flow perfectly and you have no trouble showing your author's personality through the story he tells- you don't overdo anything or rely too much on overused ideas! Also, i am just in love with writing about writing and you superbly satisfied my appetite for it :) great great great job :)



about 5 years ago theoneandonlyjo said:

*Counterfeit, in one of the last few Para., you missed the T. :) LOVE this!!! It's amazing!!! There was one subject-jump, about halfway through that seemed a bit rough (When you're talking about tech, and how Sherman is more of a Luddite..... immediately leaps to the next subj. It's contemplative narration, so when you jump into a statement about another subject it seems harsh.), and the fluidity of your thoughts could be considered ranting because it's so.... fluid. You might want to actually go to the end and break it up a teeny bit, just to give the thoughts decisive endings and beginnings.