So Lovely

So Lovely

1 chapter / 497 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


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He's watched her forever, and he's finally worked up the nerve to talk to her. And give her something very special.



over 5 years ago emmy albano said:

This is so beautiful! It's so lovely and adorable, I wanted more of it. :)


over 5 years ago Nicole Enyart said:

Oh this man is an angel! For once a contest entry from the guys point of view! I love it!

Runawaylens edit

over 5 years ago Olivia Ossege said:

This is so so so sweet! I love this! You should continue this after the judging for the contest is over. This piece is so beautiful! :D


over 5 years ago Abi Shackelford said:

wow this is sooo amazing. it's beautiful. i am completely in love with the characters, and your writing style. i really felt like a was there, like i was part of what was happening. love it. love it. love it!


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almost 6 years ago Madelyn Neal said:

Totally agree with Lonleydandy. I fel like I could connect with him already and I had only read a few minutes!


almost 6 years ago TeenQueen said:

Short and really very sweet! It deserves all the hearts. =)