After His Death

After His Death

18 chapters / 17117 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


~INCOMPLETE~ SEQUEL TO AFTER HER DEATH. ****04/04/12: New chapters have been officially added:)*** "Who was that man? I was not sure. It was as if he was something I was desperately trying to suppress. It was as if he was something more terrifying than what I was. It was as if he was the reason I was this monster. He was the reason I was a vampire." *Cover is compliments of brookie.*


Fantasy, Horror, Romance



about 5 years ago Celia Brown said:



about 5 years ago Meghan Carlson said:

Update, already, update! I'll be insane by the time chapter nineteen comes, I need to read more! I'm incredibly impressed that you've made it this far. I've never completed a book and half of a sequel in my three years of writing. The only thing I think needs a change, is *his* death. I won't say who, there are new readers everywhere. I think you need to put more into it, rather than he just jumped into the *blank* and died. Give it more emotion and make us feel something... more.


almost 6 years ago A.R.L said:

This needs more stuff added to it! Make more chapters and expand

Andy tied up drawing

almost 6 years ago Black Roses Await said:

This is amazing! Very well written and I can't wait to see what happens good job :)



almost 6 years ago Ellen O'Brien said:

Good ideas! A welcome new perspective of vampires.

Pros: Overall, awesome descriptions and emotions. It was very well written, and a compelling story. Something about the characters made me curious to read more.

Cons: Your story left me confused on a few points. A few of the most significant- 1)Serena's loss of memory. How long has she been queen/how long has it taken Gregor to show up? Why doesn't she remember who her sire is?

2)Relationships. Is it normal for a sire and sireling of a similar age and opposite gender to have a romantic relationship/why is it significant that Edward is her new sire? Did Serena and Edward have feelings for each other before (if so, wouldn't ?

Also, do you mean that Veronica was her human sister, or do they have a different relationship? Also, for sisters, the two barely interact.

3)Dante's appearance. Was Dante missing before/why was he not at the castle? Why did Serena try to kill him at their last meeting? What was Dante's motive for killing the children?

You use the term 'virgin', but it seems that Serena had a relationship with Dante in the past?

Even with a few gaps in my knowledge of the story, you developed your characters very well. Each person had a distinctive personality with a series of complex relationships with the other characters, which is good. Nice job :D