9/11 Ten Years: A Memory

9/11 Ten Years: A Memory

2 chapters / 586 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


My memory of 9/11. I was six years old at the time and in school. Hope you like it.



over 5 years ago Jasper♬ said:

I literally got chills when I read the last paragraph. Amazing job.


about 6 years ago Lisa Collins said:

This made me teary eyed. I think it is important that people remember that day, so I love that you wrote this. Great job.


about 6 years ago Denise Loesch said:

I had just arrived at work;I stopped in the restaurant to get some ice water. Live was on and they broke away to a live shot of the towers.We turned on the tv in the nursery to find out a plane hit the Tower. Moms came to pick up their children, we heard Downtown was evacuating. A very scary day for all.

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over 6 years ago Laura D said:

Great memory of 9/11 :) A great tribute.


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