The Elevator Ride: Part II

The Elevator Ride: Part II

1 chapter / 198 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


Let me know if you want a FREE COPY of my ebook through Kindle. Sorry "Elevator Ride" fans, I had to take this off Figment because it's published with a contract.


Drama, Romance, Comedy
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over 5 years ago Sheri said:

hi. just so you know, this excerpt is a chapter from the actual ebook "The Elevator Ride: Book 2" on Kindle, so there won't be a lot of description or background here, because that was already established in the previous ebook. so, jump right in and enjoy. oh, and yes, there is a lot of dialogue in this chapter. i truly hope u enjoy it and thanks for reading!


over 5 years ago Kymberli Roberson said:

I think there was too much dialogue in there. Maybe you should add a bit of description to the chapter. And yeah I agree with them: that was gross with the pancake and the syrup but still funny in a way.

Are these girls/women? out of high school or what? They honestly sound like they're school girls but since Kaylee's friend mentioned she was blushing like one I take it they're not. This is pretty cool though and I like how you recaped the first book.