The Purple Butterfly

The Purple Butterfly

1 chapter / 301 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


Based on a dream I had once
Also, a lot of you say I could go further with this or offer a back story, but I'm not. You'd have to really know me to understand this story. Either way, it sort of offers an air of mystery, don't you think?


Writing, Short Story



over 5 years ago EmmaLou said:

Wow. Really nice. I loved all of the descriptions and you really conveyed emotion through that piece really well. I really don't have anything to critique. Very solid writing.


about 6 years ago Raven Dance said:

Very cute, and the ending was amazing :)


about 6 years ago SuperJule said:

Simple and sweet. :)


about 6 years ago Ann Edelstein said:

This is so good, it gave me chills.



about 6 years ago Pun-Rocker said:

The descriptions and writing in this were far above average, but the end was very rushed. Did you have a word limit? I think you need to work on 'show not tell', and have her express feelings through actions rather than thoughts. Also, when she says, "So what if it stopped, she thought.", I think the flow would be better if you did this instead- So what if the rain stopped? And just leave off the thoughts. We already know she's thinking because it isn't in quotations.


about 6 years ago Lana Ann said:

I loved this piece, the title was very captivating. My only suggestion would be for you to change the second sentence of this piece. You say, "Things were going far from right for her." I think it should say something like, things were not turning out well for her or even, things were going terrible. Or something along those lines.