Love to Hate

Love to Hate

1 chapter / 406 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


emily's boyfriend cheated andher best friend kissed her. can you SAY dramatic.



almost 6 years ago Vallin Rae Christie said:

you could make it even more cliche- this whole thing coulve been at prom. and the night before couldve been a facial, non-lethal pillow fight sleepover. and there could have been vampires. thats prertty typical for romace stories these days...


almost 6 years ago Jessica T said:

I'm confused on what happened to the girl but I like how well you interpreted the cliche.


about 6 years ago Alicia said:

That. Was. AWESOME! I loved it. Super duper funny as well. GREAT job Athena.


about 6 years ago Gina Hower said:

Yep its me again...except this time i read all of the others.....and yours should DEFINATELY win


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