The World Through My Eyes

The World Through My Eyes

6 chapters / 3017 words

Approximately 15 minutes to read


I am a mermaid. When I say I am a mermaid I don’t mean a Disney mermaid with a skinny waist or the little mermaid with long beautiful hair or a Greek vain mermaid with a mirror and comb. I mean a mermaid with webbed fingers, a practical fish tail, gills and scythe blades. Mermaids were created to protect the sea. We were made around the times of humans. The Mermaid lived in peace with the humans and worked the sea magic to there wish. We built extravagant castles under water with arching halls and spiraling towers next to human villages. But that all changed with the invention of guns. Guns changed our peaceful world into the world we live in now. The humans waged war against the mermaids and caught them unprepared. Castles were destroyed and children were killed. The humans won the battles with their guns and banished the mermaids deep into the ocean. The ocean abandoned the mermaids and they could no longer wield its magic. Mermaid became illegal and the battle was erased from all knowledge of people. No one could write about it our tell about that battle and the mermaids faded into the deep ocean. Now we build extravagant castle in heavy protected areas and only with in certain boarders. Every mermaid was armed at all times and we live in fear. The rain of the mermaids was over. Or so we thought.
Cover Art By Lydia Schmidt.



almost 6 years ago Julia Montgomery said:

Woah, this is really good! I love your verbs! keep writing :)

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almost 6 years ago Gwenyth Rose said:

i love it! :D

Kermit shirt 002

almost 7 years ago Ilsa Anya Evey said:

And my sister's name is Gwendolyn, so that's really cool

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almost 7 years ago Ilsa Anya Evey said:

This is amazing!! I love it! There are a few grammatical errors, but the storyline was awesome! The only thing that caught me was you wrote. 'She stunk out' instead of 'She snuck out'. That's the only major error. I can't wait for more!


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