I Hate You!

I Hate You!

1 chapter / 569 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


Two rivals fall in love.WARNING: there was a 500 word limit, that's why its so short!


Scott and tessa

almost 5 years ago Ariella Ivashkov said:

You did a nice job considering the word limit! Keep it up! (:


over 5 years ago Karyn Jade Leigh said:

Awwwww! How sweet! Her sister seemed kind of rude, though. And her mom... Great job! I loved this! ☺


over 5 years ago The Critic said:

lawl cliche contest indeed. this was good though for the prompt i suspect you had. nice job.

Murder, she wrote

almost 6 years ago Jessica Fletcher said:

Oh, I really, really like this! I enjoyed reading this and wouldn't mind reading more, if you ever decided to make it longer. Great job!

J.B. Fletcher


Hogwarts crest

about 6 years ago Ayesha Granger Farid said:

This is so cute! I love stories like this! :) One thing I thought, though, was that it was a little...I don't know...I guess it just didn't have enough detail. Like, what exactly happened between Chelsea and Michael? How did they end up getting married (it was obvious that they WOULD, but what led up to it?)? Things like that, really. And I don't know if they're still in seventh grade, either, though I think they are......................Anyways, yeah. BUT IT WAS REALLY CUUUUUTE!!! :)


about 6 years ago Brittany J. said:

This was great! Very cute. :) I have a couple of corrections, though they were very minor. 'Any way' should be anyway. Also, when you said back in bold (just my opinion)I think you should have used italics instead. Great job!