Can You love a spy?

Can You love a spy?

23 chapters / 34525 words

Approximately about 3 hours to read


Savannah has a pretty normal life. A rich best friend who makes her laugh twenty-four seven. A dad who works non stop and barely says ten words to her a day. A mother who she hasn't seen since she was six. But when a guy starts following her around, and even tries to kidnap her comes into her life. She gets kind of suspicious whether her life is as normal as she thought.
The cover was made by Jazmin Waltner. The book is finished Hopefully you like it!(:


Action, Mystery, Romance


Black bird

over 5 years ago Aviline said:



almost 6 years ago A.L. Eliason said:

Wow would be a good word to describe this book its so good. And I love how she falls for Sam's brother.


about 6 years ago Katy said:

This is an awesome book!!!!!! I think I read is in a day it was sooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!

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about 6 years ago Jazzy Izabel ❧ <3 said:

This is amazing! Beautifully written. (And I only say that for my favorite books). I loved it Aleah!! :)


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about 6 years ago Jazzy Izabel ❧ <3 said:

I had to reply to that comment because I simply disagree and think that this is a wonderful book. I think that this does not have to be COMPLETELY realistic because it's a FICTION story. Not every scene has to be totally believable....even though I think that this IS believable. EVERY book has GAPS. There are just those things in a book that aren't needed for the story. You also just ASSUME that Anna called her friend before leaving. Seriously, I completely understand why Aleah left that out. The conversation would have went "Hey. I'm leaving." "To go where?" "I'm not supposed to tell." "Uh ok?" "Bye" "Bye". Boring. Every story has gaps because not everything is worth explaining. I'm ALMOST done with this book, but I couldn't resist commenting on your reply. I don't want Aleah to feel bad because she made an INCREDIBLE book and sometimes reviews like that really put people down. Aleah, your book is AH-MAZING. :)


about 6 years ago Ash Carter said:

a lot of the scenes are short. i don't think that it is realalistic when the guy calls her at the mall. just because this is not a real story does not mean that it can not have real elements. there are also gaps: there is never a point where she tells her friend about her dad leaving so she wouldn't know to come over that night. keep it up though because i'm hooked.