Time Passed

Time Passed

10 chapters / 7823 words

Approximately 39 minutes to read


Audrey & Hayden have been best friends since they were born, but they've grown out of touch ever since something happened with Audrey's siblings that can never be taken back. It shall ever be the driving force in her life, controlling her to her darkest moments, or will it? Cover credit to Rachel W


Writing, Drama, Romance



about 4 years ago Mae Turner said:

Im confused...how much time actually passed...?


almost 5 years ago Katharine Bond said:

WOW! I love it :-) It's not letting me read chapters 8, 9, or 10, but I'd like to keep checking. I really want to know how that one ends.


almost 5 years ago J. Li said:

Your protagonist has really strong emotions and feelings, which made this story so much more powerful because of how her strong actions. Love the dialogue also!

Awesome moose

about 6 years ago Hannah said:

I love how best friends end up together in stories.. So cute. This is really well written. Please notify me when you add more!! :)



almost 5 years ago Butterfly & Hurricanes said:

So while your writing is super refined or anything, it was still pretty good. The story is cute, a nice romance. For some reason, I was just really pulled in. I did not want this story to end. Or at least come to a pause while you write. Your characters are pretty awesome. I could actually imagine Audrey acting all pissed 'cause I have done that before (it was dumb, but whatever). I'm pretty excited for you to add more. This story just seems adorable.