1 chapter / 498 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


MY ENTRY FOR THE SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE CONTEST: Rebekah has no clue what to think when her tormentor "ruins" her only audition for the school's talent show.


Comedy, Short Story


Batman kitty 2

about 6 years ago Hadiyah Stephens said:

“Hello, person who ruins my life a little more each day. How’d you get my number?” I laughed so hard at this, hilarious.


about 6 years ago Anya Fox said:

You really gave a good connection with the characters, and overall the idea is great! I really enjoyed this^^


about 6 years ago Darren said:

Great story, great writing... But the ending was kinda abrupt o.o Unless you plan to add more, of course! Nice job. Swap?


about 6 years ago The Writing Rose (original) said:

I hope you realize this is amazing. I hope you know this should've been hearted many more times. I love how you let me inside the character's minds. Love that. Great writing - once again!



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