Live My Life

Live My Life

18 chapters / 19396 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


Being an Elite sucks. You have obligations to yourself and society all over you-- it feels like you don't have a moment of peace. Ray is an Elite and though his life seems already screwed up...well he's going to find out that life as he knows it is going to flip upside down.


Chris le hottie

over 5 years ago Kyle Scott said:

wow, your a really great writer.. this story is really awesome, where do you get your inspiration? (;


over 5 years ago Sovannie Krich said:

I loved this! Write more!

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over 5 years ago Lee Morvan said:

i havent finished, but its great so far! love it, nice job :)

Love of writing

almost 6 years ago Rachel Lynne said:

just finished the first four chapters :) I know I will keep coming back to this until I finish :) just saying this is amazingly good and I dont want to "put it down" but I have too much work to finish now :D


Tee hee

almost 6 years ago Kristen Berry said:

I really like this, I just read the prologue but it was quite good. It catches hold of you and makes you read more just like all great books. I would read more but I'm trying to review lots of peoples books today. The only thing I would change is at the beginning of the prologue you say its your sixteenth birthday, and then like maybe 2 paragraphs later, you say its your eighteenth. Besides that it was fantastic, I'll come back another time to read the rest ;) Great job :) -Kristen ♥


about 6 years ago Nathan Edwards said:

Just got through reading Book I, and all's I can say is - DAMN!

Great job in crafting the story from beginning to end. I especially enjoyed how the POV switched from Ray to Lindsey in the epilogue, tying up loose ends but still keeps us guessing. Bravo!

As an aside, have you ever read Cassandra Clare's 'Mortal Instruments' series? I swear, Ray reminds me of a slightly older (but less cockier) Jace Wayland. You're style varies a bit from hers of course, but in a good way. I've always found Clare to be overblown and kind of pandering with all of the pages she puts between her readers and the actual story. Your style, however, is clipped and precise, with cliffhanger chapters that spur us on!

Having said that, I guess I was hoping to get a better sense of your novel's backstory. As I continued on reading, I found myself consciously questioning the odd missed fact here and there. Ray's father, for instance, where is he? The kind of car Ray drives - is it factory fresh or a clunker? And what does Ray's mother do to make ends meet for the family? Those are a few of the things I felt could have used some shading in.

All in all though, this was a lot of fun to read. Can't wait to move on to Book 2!

Highest Regards, Nathan