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As I walked down the beach I thought of her,my best friend, Cecilia. I thought back to all of those days when we were kids and we would push eachother into the pool with our clothes on or when we had the races to see who could roll down the hill the fastest. We did everthing together by the time we could walk. Our mom's were best friends in highschool so naturally we became best friends. As we grew older we put make-up on eachother and shared clothes and giggled about the boys we liked. But then, that horrible 8th grade year rolled around when Cecilia's mom got sick. I tried to be there for her the whole time but she just seemed so far away. I felt like there was a mountain between us. Then in December right before Christmas Cecilias mom passed away. And Cecilia lost it. She plumeted into a deep depression. She would not speak to anyone. Her grades dropped and she started cutting herself. Then she stopped eating. I came visit her one day and when I walked in her room she was gone. She had left me a note and it said,"Dear Rachel, I love you like a sister and you don't know how much you have done for me in my life, you were my rock. But after mom died I just couldn't find a reason to live and thats why I decided to do this. This is the last time you will ever hear from me.
That broke my heart I couldn't believe this could happen to me...My best friend committed suicude and I could do nothing about it...


Writing, Short Story


Me and hannah

about 6 years ago Xena Pulliam said:

This is such a sad story, my story Broken Pieces is similar to this in a way and reminds me of this story. I hope that this isn't a true story in any way because it's so sad! Good job with the story though, maybe elaborate and make it longer though!


about 6 years ago Amber R. H. said:

You should write more, it's pretty good, put pretty short. You also have a few typos... Read for a swap! :)


about 6 years ago robin has no name said:

aww :( i feel so bad for the characters...


about 6 years ago Blazin'Andy said:

Its a sad tale. And its very short too, so its good that you got this entire story in a huge paragraph, although it might be annoying to some if you dont break it up a bit.



about 6 years ago A.J. Prince said:

Maddie- wow. Suicide is such a chilling topic. However, you carried out your story well in a this-is-how-it-is tone. I can only hope this is not a true story, as you stated everything so bluntly and honestly. The one thing I think you should change is to add indents. Paragraphs. Not only would it make it clearer to read, but it would contribute a more lurching, heart string pulling ending. Other than that, this is amazing. Great job.