1 chapter / 597 words

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There is not much to do when stranded on an island but find your voice and sing your true love to sleep. *Was for the Isle of Night Contest*!


Romance, Short Story


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about 5 years ago Wretched and Divine said:

very beautiful :)

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over 5 years ago A.T. Wilson said:

Beautiful short story, I really enjoyed it! :)


about 6 years ago Jasper♬ said:

this is really sweet!

Amber campaign

about 6 years ago Amber Ashly A. said:

beautiful writing :)



about 6 years ago Aimi said:

I like the way you set up the story! Everything is so good! Write more and I'll be happy! p.s. I left a heart! =)


over 6 years ago Jarvis said:

This is a great snippet. Let's see. No grammatical problems, the characters seemed real and well-drawn. My one advice would be to get rid of the first few sentences, and start with 'Last night was the best of my life'. It'll draw the reader in better. Also, maybe consider changing it to 'Last night was the best NIGHT of my life.' Minus the caps, of course, but it seems like it might be better.

Other than that, good job!