An Application and Midnight Soup

An Application and Midnight Soup

1 chapter / 769 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read



over 5 years ago Dreamerofbooks said:

This is AWESOME! It made me want to keep reading. you are a very talented writer.


almost 6 years ago Nikita said:

Absolutely adorable!!!!!! I haven't smiled that much in a while, this story made my day. Keep writing! :D


about 6 years ago Haley C. said:

This was adorable and fun to read! A few grammatical and usage errors, but nothing major.


about 6 years ago Maddi said:

Thank you guys SO MUCH. I had actually forgotten about this story entirely, so this was AMAZING. And I'm pretty sure I got the "you'll" to "she'll" you were just talking about. Oof, awkward obvious grammar mistakes.


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