Click is not a Good Sound

Click is not a Good Sound

1 chapter / 796 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


Finalist in the Isle of Night contest! Thanks to everyone who voted me up!
Just the average day for a treasure hunter.
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over 5 years ago Robbie Antenesse said:

Is this story going to continue on? Because it's fantastic and I really want to know what happens next now. I love the writing style of this one!

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almost 6 years ago Anne Rayne said:

This is great! Thanks for the heart!


about 6 years ago Ami Chan said:

That was funny and the rhyme was very creative too. I know this was a story that was supposed to be funny but I would've liked a little more formal language.

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about 6 years ago Miette Leclair said:

Nice :P "Micah only breaks out the couplets when he means serious business" Favorite line :)



about 6 years ago Jade Harley said:

Really great story. Intense, spooky, danger at every turn type thing. Loved it. I would like for you to continue it, because the last sentence just makes me wish the story would continue. But it's your choice. All in all, great job. Keep writing!


about 6 years ago Kayelin R said:

I really like the idea of this story. It seems to be very original and spunky. :)

The tab/indent is good, but since figment has such odd formatting for its books, I suggest just deleting it out of here, but keeping it in your microsoft word document or rich text document or whatever you have it saved as.

Semicolons look odd in literature. Generally they can be deleted and either replaced with a period or comma or that sentence can be deleted completely.

Okay, don't use the word "you" anywhere in your piece. It just takes the reader out of your story, and thats the last thing you want. And most people can tell from your context clues that your owl is automated without the explanation. And if they can't, then you'll have to enter it into your narrative somewhere, without the second person point of view.

Watch verb tenses. Be sure that you are keeping it passive tense and not switching over to present tense.

Try not to use so many parenthesizes. The more you use them, the more they distract from the narrative.

I hope this helps! Keep Writing :)