A My Chemical Romance FanFiction

A My Chemical Romance FanFiction

18 chapters / 12295 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


based on the music video nananananana it isn't very long so far but I felt the need to post it anyway-
You thought they were gone
You gave up all hope
You were wrong
The fabulous killjoys were dusted out, dead, but when they come back to life again they're quest was made even harder but thanks to you killjoys- you might just help them out on the way!


Action, Adventure, Comedy



over 5 years ago Loubbie Lou said:

Wow! this is amazing! Love it!


about 6 years ago J. R. Flynn's Archives said:

The Fabulous Killjoys!!!!!!!! They will live on forever in my heart and soul!!!! Go MCR!


about 6 years ago VirginiaCalling said:

Disenchanted wasn't too hard to follow. This piece was pretty good! No critiques except maybe a couple grammar errors that don't interfere with the piece. Cheers and keep writing!


about 6 years ago MorRom/Loretta said:

Hey! I came up with Ray Torro's amazing technicolour mood afro! *sigh* at least it's been aknowledged :)



almost 4 years ago Holly Kipling said:

Written from the heart of a true Killjoy...:)


over 5 years ago Emerson said:

It's really cool! I hope you continue:) MCR is amazing....