That One Day

That One Day

1 chapter / 467 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


For a teenage girl, one day will define her forever.



almost 5 years ago Sabrina said:

Thank you! Will do-I think i'm going to put the edited version on here that I did last year. lol its been a long time since I've been on this website!


almost 5 years ago L.D. Taylor said:

Took me a while to understand, maybe try explaining some more, adding details or something to make it more clear. But i like your writing style :)

Rin kagamine

about 6 years ago Madie Ramsay said:

I get that she's dying, but....the description at the end just didn't feel right. Good job on the details, though.


about 6 years ago christa hatch said:

the view of death in this situation is quite interesting ^^ i reslly enjoyed reading it :)



about 6 years ago Mary Cronin said:

love it. tell me if you post more. But - and there is a but here - i don't understand where you're going with this. Where are you going with this?