35 chapters / 1811 words

Approximately 9 minutes to read


After her boyfriend Jake is shot and killed, Lisandra is left struggling to find out who murdered him. One of the few ways she can feel him anymore is in her dreams, and even then he, her last hope at knowing what happened, seems to be fading away - but then someone else shows up, someone who may be able to help Lisandra. Someone who is slowly winning over her heart... even though it's another girl.

A novel in verse. Cover by Wolf Lover42 :)


Romance, Novel, Poetry



about 6 years ago Beautifully Broken said:

I was caught on from the first chapter...was unable to stop reading. Her powerful. So true. So...beautiful. If this is over, I will cry. It is neccessary you continue this novel until it's finished. :)


about 6 years ago Dominique Hawkins said:

after i read the first couple; i couldnt stop.. this is absolutely amazing.. made so many things go on inside my head!


about 6 years ago Kristin Sherrill said:

Great job with the new chapters! Still love it. Keep writing! :)

Smoky crater

about 6 years ago Meghana said:

This is amazingly heartbreaking. The simple language is very poignant and the writing style makes it that much more powerful. You really conveyed the emotions extremely well and I definitely want to read more.



almost 6 years ago agatha said:

:'( I loved that, it made me cry!