But I Love You

But I Love You

1 chapter / 446 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


How would you feel if the man you loved left you to die? It's not supposed to be emotional at the end. Her love left her and she feels nothing more after that.


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about 4 years ago Griffin Raynor said:

Sad. I agree with the other comments that there needs to be more emotion. I really like the last line though :)


over 5 years ago likeclockwork itrhymes said:

He does NOT love her. This was captivating. Loved the ending...wrapped it up really nicely.


about 6 years ago Zaphodora Beeblebrox said:

this is a gorgeous sort of prose poem. 'kissing the ground with her knees' pulled me in immediately, but I think it could be phrased more elegantly. When she's shot it doesn't feel like you have enough emotional set up. Otherewise I really liked it, the repetition serves it's purpose and your writing isn't over-adorned.

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about 6 years ago Sabrina Thomas said:

So sad.... I liked this a lot.


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