Aleah, Jolene, and Alela

Aleah, Jolene, and Alela

1 chapter / 225 words

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This is dedicated to Aleah, Jolene, and Alela (who are all on figment). They are my best friends and always will be. Hope they like this poem. :) Cuz they're amazing....and you should follow them. ;)


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Hurrrr downnnnnnn i wish

about 6 years ago Coco said:

I love this cover, where did you get it???? Do you think you could get me this just with five pairs of shoes and no words? Oh and comment back on my page please!

Jazzys eye pic

about 6 years ago Jazzy Izabel ❧ <3 said:

Thank you guys so much! :)


about 6 years ago Gabriella C.G. said:

Your lucky! I don't have friends like yours! Heck, I really don't have any at all! But this was amazing and very sweet! Your friends are lucky to have you!

And LOL! I love the Last Song, and Miley Cyrus is kind of weird! :P


about 6 years ago Alec Michael Galo said:

What a wonderful thing friends are! I'm so glad you have friends like that, and I liked this poem very much so. :)


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