Year by Year

Year by Year

1 chapter / 993 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


Love will last for years...
My first story, hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think! *PLEASE NOTE that this was originally written for a short story contest with a maximum of 1000 words. I would have added more character developement if it hadn't been for the length requirements*



about 4 years ago Juliet Hurwitz said:

Awwwww! Such a sweet story! I needed to read something like that. Awesome job! :D


over 4 years ago Lela Sain said:

Year by Year Good Story. You should enter the redmoon contest. ends 6/4/2013. Read As Quiet As Its Kept


over 4 years ago M.R.Kelly said:

This is the cutest thing! Honestly! :D I know some people think happy endings are fake or sappy...but I'm such a sucker for them. Thanks for posting this. :)


almost 5 years ago Heather Smith said:

Amazing story! :) love it



about 6 years ago Jasper♬ said:

This is really good, but their relationship doesn't seem realistic. I also feel as if the writing goes by too quickly. You should stretch it out a little bit and throw in some fights and make-ups. This is just a suggestion, but maybe you should try doing the wedding and how she felt, and how she felt finding out she was pregnant, first grandkid, etc. Basically, maybe you should try writing out their whole life instead of stopping at marriage. Well, actually, if you do the whole life then it would be hard to stop when one of them died. I just think that you should add more to this wonderful story.