Skating Backwards

Skating Backwards

1 chapter / 149 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


A poetry assignment from my creative writing class.


Writing, Poetry



almost 5 years ago Emmy Grace said:

I love when creative writing class assignments turn out masterpieces... this is gorgeous and so image-provoking


almost 5 years ago Evening Star said:

I was totally there! Congrats on making the homepage, you definitely have the talent. Beautiful imagery. I can literally say this was breathtakingly beautiful, because I feel a little breathless from all of this skating in reverse. :D ~Evening Star

After all it was you and me

almost 5 years ago Lindsay Thomaston said:

I like the metaphors and imagery you use- “silver blades like knives”, “sparkling frozen diamonds”, “pine on their tongue”, “snow…has turned to mirrors”…this felt, looked, and tasted like winter! :)


almost 5 years ago Ariya Brown said:

Nice job with this. I could definitely imagine this, and this was really carefree. Good job for making the homepage!


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