You and I

You and I

3 chapters / 2222 words

Approximately 11 minutes to read


I began this story ages ago and I have a couple more chapters completed; let me know what you think about it.


Writing, Comedy, Romance



over 5 years ago Haylie Wood said:

I really like this! I love how the character is all kind of clumsy and totally normal. It really helps with the story. The only thing that caught me is that the Siberian Husky, if it's really only 50 pounds, you need to start FEEDING that thing! My mom's a Vet Tech, so obviously this jumped out at me. A Siberian Husky's average weight is usually 80 or, if it's getting hefty, higher. 50 is like doggy anorexia! HAHA (Yea,... I laughed at my own joke)... I probably shouldn't be joking about anorexia either, so, forget that last!

Anyway, that's just me being weird and, well, me! But other than that, it was perfect and I can't wait for you to write more! :D


almost 6 years ago Sandy said:

The cover is so cute!


almost 6 years ago Hally Loo said:

I knew it! I knew she was in love with him! W00T! Lol. Okay, this was really good! It was conveyd well, and you were good at sticking to the character, while still including details that are sometimes hard to explain with that POV. But you did it beautifully, great job!

Marshmallow perfection

almost 6 years ago Chocoholic! said:

Please post the rest. I can completely picture matty and you have officially made me fall in love with him (not literally). Amazing descriptions and I love how you made the girl seem normal. It wasn't like some stories where the main character is perfect and I much prefer it when the character is relatable and real feeling. Amazing job with this. I need to read more. :)



about 6 years ago That Dastard Cerberus said:

All I can say is . . . 'I likey'. Love the characterization of the dog Bailey. Want a dog like that XP Also, besides a little grammer problem here and there, this is very good. Just remember when you have the, 'she said' stuff, that you don't captilize the word she/he/they etc. after the said thing.


about 6 years ago skye Kerr said:

aww! This was soo good and cute! I love huskies!