When Punk-Rock Girl Meets Vampire Boy

When Punk-Rock Girl Meets Vampire Boy

49 chapters / 75300 words

Approximately about 6 hours to read


*FINISHED* Dakota Rennalds never wanted to be famous when she started her band at 15 years old. After two years of her time, the band ditch her, and she is left alone and furious. When, that night, she storms off, she finds herself knocked out unconscious and wakes up in an unfamiliar castle, forced to be a servant. The twist?
This is no ordinary castle. This is a castle full of vampires.
And if that wasn't enough to cope with, there's children being forced to be servants, an irritatingly gorgeous Prince, and a head guard whose hair is greasier than a fry-up breakfast.
Maybe being slightly crazy from the start will help Dakota, after all.


Novel, Comedy, Romance
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almost 4 years ago *Kayla* said:

I read the first few chapters, its amazing! When I have more time, I will defiantly read all of it!


almost 4 years ago Natalie Cooke said:

Congratulations! It's finished! I'm so excited for the next book (just by the way, I love the title), and can't wait to see what's in store. :D


almost 4 years ago Anonymous said:

I am almost speechless! That was the best yet, and I know that I will definitely be reading the second book.


about 4 years ago Anonymous said:




over 4 years ago Katy Rudy said:

obsessed with this book


over 4 years ago Natalie Cooke said:

Yay! I'm hoping the queen is a friend (???), and that Alexander will admit he loves Dakota. And another "Yay!" Dakota admitted she loved Alexander! *squeal* Yes, yes, yes! Wonder what the queen has in store for Dakota...or what "research" she did. Hmm...another pondering chapter, I suppose. :)