Once Upon A Time...

Once Upon A Time...

1 chapter / 560 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


"...and then her character in my story would get stuck in a pile of leaves and get videotaped by my pet lemur. Don't ask."


Writing, Memoir



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over 3 years ago RumbleroarRedvines said:

That was funny and awesome and very, very sweet.


over 3 years ago Jane Doe said:

I liked the way you told a story instead of answering the question. I like it.



over 3 years ago Kali De Lo said:

this was a very nice story! it made me smile when you talked about the line with not being able to tell apart the identical twins, very cute. i like so much because i can also relate to this. i read back on some of my old work recently, and I can see the huge changes between then and now. anyway, I really liked this. great work:)