The Living Impaired

The Living Impaired

1 chapter / 761 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


Dexter was just your average teenage gamer, until the Armageddon of the Dead began. Now Dex, his best friend Charlie, and an English girl named Brady who calls herself "The Iron Bitch", must find a way to survive as the last Breathers in New York City - with only their knowledge of violent video games to aid them.
More to come!


Action, Comedy, Horror



Yin yang_tattoo_157

over 4 years ago Linzy Cole said:

Normally I'm like 'blah zombie apocalypse,how cliche.' But your entertaining diction and the voice you use really has me interested. Nice job! :D


over 5 years ago B1oodvamp said:

Awesome!! Oh, I love this! It's very well-written and so great! XD


over 5 years ago juwan blocker said:

Keep writing the story I looked at the first few sentence but have to finish reading it good job. When or if you get a chance check out my poem heart healing and let me know what you think thanks


over 5 years ago E.R.Rose said:

WOW(again)! this concept is SUPPER unique and your summary was very well written. PLEASE keep going with this one. Jess


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