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A quick poem I wrote last night.
Not much editing or punctuation involved in it though.


Writing, Drama, Poetry



about 6 years ago Natalie Murphy said:

Wow this piece was epic! Everything flowed so well together! So inspiring!!


about 6 years ago Kevin D. Ross said:

I really like the way this poem is organized. I'm a firm believer that poetry is a visual art that people fail to realize. I wasn't really feeling the message behind the poem, but that's just me. There was still a really nice beat behind the poem, and the the concise style of the lines made it all very fluid.


about 6 years ago Darren said:

A very powerful and universal message. Beautifully written... The first two stanzas especially struck me.


about 6 years ago Salina Alicia said:

Oh wonderful sigh I love good poetry makes me feel inspired. Keep Writing :)



about 6 years ago R. M. Morris-Fischer said:

good. really heartfelt and sweet. i can see a lot of emotion in this, but i say that a lot. i relate to this because it is how i've felt at times. a couple of your lines were a little too long, but not that noticeable. the only thing i would change is in the second to last line i think you used too many commas. maybe take out the one before say. when i read a comma it's like i pause for breath, and if you have three in the same short line it kinda throws off the flow. but a really beautiful piece.