It Only Takes a Smile

It Only Takes a Smile

1 chapter / 249 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


Who says you need to speak the same language to communicate?


Writing, Drama




over 5 years ago Cait Cher said:

This was very cute. I loved it.


almost 6 years ago Abby Crickenberger said:

What a cute little story! I understood about half of what he said! XD No hablo ingles! That was about all I knew! Man i really need to brush up on my spanish! Very very cute! Its so sad that her husband abandoned her and took his best man instead. what a twist!

Pink elephant

almost 6 years ago Ahlorha Brooks said:

This is very cute. :) Poor girl. Toenail clippings and terrible wedding days. The conversation was sweet, even if I couldn't understand what the bartender was saying. Good job :)


almost 6 years ago cassidy crickenberger said:

this was short sweet and to the point. i liked it very much



about 6 years ago Kate said:

This story is kind of adorable. I really enjoyed your sense of humor, especially the contrast of traditional humor (the toenail clipping) with dark humor (the fiance wanting his best man).

I liked that you did not go in the cliche direction with this story- I was worried she might sleep with the bartender or something of that nature. I loved your use of the wise/listening bartender with the language-barrier twist.

The part about 'Senorita Gomez' did jar me slightly, as it did not sound like something that would be said out loud so much as what the character might be thinking as she tried to figure out the situation.

Overall, like I said above, I really did enjoy this story, and I think you have an excellent grasp on written humor. Great job!


about 6 years ago skye Kerr said:

I really like this

Btw: "Por ir al bano" means Can I go to the bathroom please :)