Lucky Circus

Lucky Circus

4 chapters / 1993 words

Approximately 10 minutes to read


Second Place in After Obsession Contest. "Welcome to Lucky Circus! Introducing two of Lucky Circus's uprising stars: Odette, the circus's veteran and youngest top performer, and Evelyn aka Lynn, the circus's newest runaway and addition, also Odette's top rival." *Cover is compliments of brookie.*





about 2 years ago madonna Enwe said:

you are really good

Place in this world

about 2 years ago Aurora Sanders said:



about 2 years ago Janelle said:

Very beautifully written. Sounds like it could be a very interesting story if you continue.

Dragon writer

about 2 years ago Bijou Lee said:

Wow, very intriguing. I wish there was more but congrats on winning 2nd place! :) truly awesome



about 2 years ago Abbey said:

This is amazing! I love it!


about 2 years ago Miranda Foley said:

This is great! I love your detail and the words you used. Although I do wish you would've explained Evelyn's story about her life before the Lucky Circus and how she got there. I was also a little confused as to what was actually happening in the italicized part. But other than that, I loved it :)