Lost and Found

Lost and Found

1 chapter / 442 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


The story of a girl who has gone through extensive cancer treatments, causing her to lose her hair and find herself.


Writing, Short Story



over 5 years ago Lu Lu Levy said:

Wow! This is a very strong lesson that you have just taught. Amazing. Love it! Very well written, well done.


over 5 years ago Blank said:

Wonderfully told, with a good point too.


over 5 years ago Caitlin Maeve said:

That was beautiful, it gave me shivers. Having known people effected by cancer it was really heartbreaking to read. I wish I could be her friend.

Rothko 6ish

over 5 years ago Max Demian said:

An empowering story about self-acceptance. Loved it!


Pictures in the words001

about 6 years ago Thalia Anderson said:

I really like this! Your grammar and spelling is all really good, not to mention the way your write in general is easy to read, easy to understand, and just in general, really good. I really like the repeating of "nothing new" in the latter part of the story, too. It added an extra kick to how she'd gotten used to life with cancer, used to the way she was. I think that helped the reader come to realization, with the character, that this is who she was now, and we could all come to that conclusion.

I appreciated the way she realized this was who she was. She'd searched for so long trying to find a way to fit in, that it never really occurred to her that she just needed to be her to fit in. Alone in a bathroom, looking at herself in the mirror; that was also the perfect setting, since she was by herself. It's so refreshing to see the words, "Maybe it wasn't pretty, but it was hers." It still awknowledges that she might not feel pretty. But sometimes that needs to be given up in order to be yourself.

All in all, you did a great job! I wish you luck in the contest; definitely one of the best entires I've read!