Unlike Us.

Unlike Us.

1 chapter / 432 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


Everyone has a friend or two that are in a relationship for the sake of being in a relationship. They are afraid of what happens after the breakup, so they just stay with that person for the sake of it.



over 1 year ago Twiggy Lee said:

this is fucking sad. But unfortunately true. The ending was heart breaking. Like crushed me. I was hoping she'd let him go and be happy.

Beauty of music

over 5 years ago Elise said:

This I can tell is going to be an amazingly great story! Just by the beginning I'm already hooked! :P Clever!

Fairy silhouette

over 5 years ago Miette Leclair said:

Wow. That was incredible. You're a really good writer :)


over 5 years ago CU said:

that was completely amazing!!!!!!!!! you are soo talented. i didn't get it until i read "someone like you". that was really clever of you to use that and it actually make sense. keep on writing, you're really good! :)


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