1 chapter / 856 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


Snapped then unsnapped. Ripped then taped. Broken then mended. This is what happened to me.


Cute lion avatar!

over 5 years ago Rachie said:

THAT WAS AMAZING!!! Nothing like I have ever seen before! Great ideas! Thank you!

Green fairy

over 5 years ago Savannah Patterson said:

This is absolutely brilliant. I love the way you piece it together, giving both sides of the story. Choppy, but still flowing well. Absolutely phenomenal.

Eleventh doctor

almost 6 years ago Luquas said:

Wow I loved it! It was great how intense it was and how it kept switching! You have real potential!


almost 6 years ago Jana Wilde said:

Provocative and complex! You really captured the characters feelings so well. I loved it.



over 6 years ago Caroline said:

Love when you compared her to a hunter, still hungry, and unsatisfied. It adds this gory edge and bitterness that is an absolutely amazing perspective for the guy.


almost 7 years ago SridevaS13 said:

Very emotionally awakening. I saw 2 tiny grammar errors, nothing huge. let's should be lets, and i was taught to never put "but" at the start of the sentence. That's about it :) You did a great job, although the back-and forth narration confused me at first, I caught up :)