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Snapped then unsnapped. Ripped then taped. Broken then mended. This is what happened to me.


In dp

over 4 years ago Indgo Night said:

I love this! It is amazing. It was really good how you changed between the two people and connected their words by running the sentences together. Reading this made my day. Thank you


about 5 years ago Jamie Linde said:

I love this. I have nothing critical to say. I only have compliments. Firstly, this is a clever writing style. I appreciate how towards the end, the interval of SNAPs quickened. Secondly, I felt the emotions of the characters quite well.

Nice work! I enjoyed reading this.

Brooklyn avatar1

about 5 years ago Brooklyn Schroeder said:

Wow! this was amazing. this is so different from anything I've ever read. The back and forth narration was a little confusing at first, but it was easy to figure out. I liked how it was kind of a mix of short story and poem. Keep writing :)

Me and tfios

over 5 years ago Jessie Linde said:

This is really good, I've never read anything like it. Keep it up!



almost 7 years ago Kathryn Wittmeier said:

i loved the back and forth between the characters' thoughts. This is a really powerful pice, and so honest. my only comment is on the first line. i think the rest of piece is so strong and, while i think the opening line introduces it well, i feel like it's a little awkward. maybe take out the "i thought.." part and just have "what did i ever do? I never did anything." it's just a thought, and it's still a great piece if you leave it the way it is. just thought i'd throw out a suggestion :p it's a very dramatic and thought-provoking piece of writing. great job :D

almost 7 years ago Zaphodora Beeblebrox said:

This is a great idea. It's not particularly easy to read, but I think that's okay. You have some effective word repetitions too.

The "SNAPS" really work, they make it even more dramatic. I wonder if the switching would be made better by one person starting to thing about what the other person is thinking -- but that might just make it more confusing. You'd have to try it if you wanted to find out I guess....