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Approximately 6 minutes to read


-ContestOver- In my entry for the greek myth contest you'll see why Medusa is such a nightmare.




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about 5 years ago Jeeny Then said:

Not particularly her fault. Stupid Greek gods and goddesses.


over 5 years ago RicochetRay said:

This was a very well written story, and a great re-telling of a classic story. You did such a good job describing that. The only thing I really noticed grammar-wise was that you misspelled took in there, I think and I didn't understand the part where Poseidon was saying that they had been neighbors for three months. Besides that I didn't notice any other problems.

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over 5 years ago •Brooklyn Fairchild• said:

This was SO well written. I love how you put it into a modern setting at the same time keeping true to the original myth. Your characters were SO realistic and The dialogue was perfect. I absolutely loved it!

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over 5 years ago Alyce McKnight said:

This is a very interesting take on the myth and I loved it. I noticed a couple spelling errors such as "simi-negative" should be "semi-negative" and "gunna" should be "gonna" although I would suggest chaning it to going to. Otherwise, I loved this and I love how you set it in modern times and gave Athena another reason to hate Medusa.


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about 5 years ago Dorothy said:

Wow, I loved this! I nearly cried when i got the clue on what was gonna know which part...

It was all very realistic too! I know that most times, when a girl is raped they don't tell anyone because they're ashamed and scared... You managed the emotions in fantastic ways're going to be a famous writer one day!

I saw a couple grammatical issues, but i mean, who cares?! We understood the story and those problems are fixable! Sometimes it just works like that :)

Keep writing! Are you going to be continuing the story? You should do something like Medusa tries to tell Athena about the rape and Athena thinks she's not telling the truth and is just blaming it all on her brother... and it leads to snake hair!

Good job and Good luck!!

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over 5 years ago Mary Nichols said:

Very good job. Also think you masterfully handled a very difficult subject to write tactfully. Yeah. You know which one. Love the retelling of a mythological staple. Well done.