Lone (Train) Rider

Lone (Train) Rider

1 chapter / 883 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


Top 5 (winner)the NY Times contest. Thank you, hearters!!
A girl is riding solo on a train, observing different characters, and meets one she likes. A lot.


Writing, Short Story



about 6 years ago Roses Aren't Red said:

The character's voice just seemed to make this story perfect. And everything about it makes me chuckle a bit. Good Job!;D

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about 6 years ago Lily Grace said:

I, once again, really like your descriptions. I could clearly see the subway train moving along towards NYC. I could also see the people. Very good. :)

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about 6 years ago Theresa Rose said:

I really liked it, I thought how you wrote it was great and I could see everything unfolding in my mind's eye, really, really good! Funny enough, I do that when I'm out too, trying to fit the person with an identity. Really well done! :)


about 6 years ago Bijou Lee said:

Love the voice and description. Great job, keep it up!



almost 6 years ago L. E. Kat said:

I must say, this is one of my favorites of your stories. I loved the way she perceived the people. The staring part made me laugh.


about 6 years ago loveena said:

OMG! I love the way it is written it flowed beautifully and the reality is so nice and congrats btw, it is really a champion. Its so nice and flowing.