Don't Park on the Street

Don't Park on the Street

1 chapter / 1123 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


Winner of the InspiringLives contest. Just a little something about neighborhoods.
Cover made by Sarah A. :D



over 4 years ago Lyla Dawn said:

A very descriptive story for only a short amout of reading. I liked how there wasn't a dull moment.

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about 6 years ago Jennifer Gitler said:

Really creative. I wasn't sure what to espect when I started reading but I was pleasantly surprised. I could feel the heart and soul that you put into this. Awesome job!

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about 6 years ago christina wilson said:

Wow, that is what i absolutely hate about the suburbs. Ugh gross me. I really liked this a lot. Im glad you won.


about 6 years ago TemptedFiction said:

Haha I love books that aren't up tight and can make me laugh. You have definitely hooked me in this story, and I can see how you won the contest. The first moment I'm reading the first then, and then a couple of minuted later, I'm writing this. It was so easy to get into this story :)

Well done!



about 6 years ago a. kad said:

This is a very honest story. It definitely came straight from you! Which is what I like. :) The tone of this is great. I think many people can relate to this. My favorite part was about the cousin. This was very funny and it was a good read. And I really liked the cover! Overall this was a very enjoyable read. :) I'm glad you won the contest! :D