My Own Moon

My Own Moon

1 chapter / 1026 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


PART I of II! "I love a man, but can that change when another gives me the moon?"
*Was for SparksContest*



about 6 years ago Kaitlyn Rose said:

Wow, that was super great!

Spider cheech

about 6 years ago Chini Davis said:

love it!

Beautifully maiden

about 6 years ago Aria Mustachio said:

Wow this is deep I love it


about 6 years ago Ella said:

it's pretty! so descriptive, and i can feel the emotions!



over 5 years ago Kiara A Diehl-A said:

too many big words for me, I got lost. lol. Really descriptive,you must have put alot of work to make this.


almost 6 years ago T.J. Davis said:

I love the idea of a girl having to pick between two people she cares about deeply. This is very well written. I also love the little moon representing the love of the boy she can't be with.

Great job :)