The Wrong Number

The Wrong Number

21 chapters / 75582 words

Approximately about 6 hours to read


Ever had someone you don't know call your cell phone and ask for a person that isn't you and your reply to them is that they have the wrong number?
That’s what happens to Annesly Hawthorne. After finding out that her boyfriend was cheating on her Annesly thought that she'd never find love again until she realizes that she just might be wrong about that when a teenage boy calls her cell phone by mistake. The two get to talking and decide to become friends but agree not to reveal too much information to one another just in case they aren’t who they seem to be.
Eventually after months of talking on the phone the two decide to meet and they instantly fall in love. Everything seems to be going great for the two 18 year olds but what Annesly doesn’t know is that the boy of her dreams is keeping a huge secret; a secret that could ultimately destroy their relationship unless Annesly decides to stick by her true love no matter what. Will she stay with him? Or will she decide that his secret is just too much to bear?


Drama, Religious, Romance



about 5 years ago The Olivia Nolen said:

Thanks for the comment on "The Wrong Number"! It really means a lot. :) If I ever am published and make it big I've always said that I would send free signed copies to all my fellow figs who liked my story before I was known. Although, that will probably never happen and it's just wishful thinking.

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about 5 years ago Grace ♫ ♥ ♪★☆ said:

Omigod! So sad, so amazing! This should be published. I would read it any possible day. Your a real author


over 5 years ago The Olivia Nolen said:

Me? Over Nicholas Sparks?? Why thank you, my dear. That is very kind of you to say. :) I feel like I don't deserve to be compared to such a great author. I'm glad you enjoyed it though. Thank you!!!


over 5 years ago Sarah Jane May said:

Ohmygoodness!!! I LOVE this story and I'd rather read this over Nicholas Sparks any day :) So touching and made me realize how important life really is. Thanks for writing this story!



almost 6 years ago Kelsey Anthes said:

There are a lot of errors but if u go back and read through it, then u could fix them. For the most part, i knew what u meant. The only big one that i thought i should tell u about was at the end of Chapter 12 - "How long are you going to be her?" I asked Caden. I think u meant "I asked Nate" but that is pretty minor. anyway keep writing and i really love it!! KA