Another World, Another Life

Another World, Another Life

1 chapter / 4696 words

Approximately 23 minutes to read


What would you do if you suddenly ended up in a strange, new place? Two friends, are about to do just that. From endless forests, to quaint villages, these girls will find their place in Another World.

**Currently being edited and rewritten**



about 5 years ago Angieee said:

This was amazing! You're a really amazing writer! :)


over 6 years ago Alana Topakian said:

i like the uniqueness of this story... i only read a cple chapters but i like it... good job


over 6 years ago Kaylin Arrowin said:

OMG! Thank you so much Z:)!! I love it!


over 6 years ago Zoe Schenck said:

Got your cover finished: Going to have to read this. It looks good. :)


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