How I Feel

How I Feel

1 chapter / 105 words

Approximately half a minute to read


Do people ever think before they speak? Cause they should. They don't know what it can do to a person's life when they get made fun of.


Writing, Drama, Poetry


Falling for a nice guy cover

about 6 years ago Sheri said:

This is powerful. I love the emotion and word choice.


about 6 years ago Lila Malfoy Black said:

It was raw, and real, and true. The descriptions of the emotions were done well. Nice job.


about 6 years ago Charming Cheshire said:

I think you overuse the words "fell/feeling" and "care", but other than that I really could connect with this and overall enjoyed the piece


about 6 years ago Audrey Burne said:

I guess I'm not the only one who feels that way.

I used to be mistreated at a school I went to before I moved and this poem is how I felt. I love it!



about 6 years ago Charlotte Hennessey said:

i like the meaning in this, but try putting in more depth with imager/fig. lang. :) and it's because not cause :P :) great job!