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Approximately 15 minutes to read


Josh feels nothing. He's trying to figure out how to deal with that.



over 4 years ago B Walter said:

Incredible biography. You are amazing, what a pleasurable, powerful read!


about 5 years ago Taytum Ivory said:

how old were you when you wrote this? It is the best book I have read on here so far.


about 6 years ago Tianna said:

This is really great! I'm entirely sure what to say, it was just so amazing. Good job, it gave me alot to think about too. Thanks

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about 6 years ago Joanna Medina said:

This is a master piece, filled with beauty; teaching life lessons. Absolutely extraordinary 10/10! My favorite part is "My old soul is dead. Let the new one fly." Great work. Best thing I have read in a long time. Excellent!



almost 6 years ago Cody C. Delapena said:

One of my favorite things about James Loveless is that his writing is very human. It isn't cold, or robotic, or calculated.

This piece, to me, represents what it's like to feel regret. The nothingness of losing love is very real here. I love the way thoughts and feelings are described.

Sometimes we take a while to move on after events in life, and I really feel that seeping through in 4:41.

Great job. This is well worth a read. 4:41 is a more feeling, more genuine, and more interesting glimpse into the life of an American teenager than anything HBO can produce.


almost 6 years ago ethereality said:

I'll be honest. I feel stupid reading this. 1. I've felt nothing before. You describe it remarkably well, For "nothing" being a word describing something you can't describe. 2. The length of this piece didn't discourage me, because your writing is kind of like a deflating bounce-house. You fall in and the rest just envelops you. I liked the flashbacks, because it gave the piece depth and gave the reader background. If you just said, "I feel nothing" and left it at that, this piece wouldn't be half as good. 3. Your philosophies are a nice touch. "Sometimes, it’s not about your personal cleanliness, it’s about the cleanliness of your surroundings." 4. Everything is indirectly related. The kitchen, the dance, the temple, the hospital, the bus, and back to the kitchen. It's as if you're showing us the character's mind, saying "Do you understand? I'm trying to help you along, trying to encourage you to develop your own opinions." 5. The ending is so simple, yet the impact is definite. "Something." Another one of those indescribable words.

I've never read anything like this before, but I'm glad I found it. This is one of those pieces, that when you read them you think, "What just happened? Why do I feel this way? Am I going to walk away changed, or will I just walk away with a new sense of definition?" And then you think, "Dang. Everyone else totally needs to read this."

Pardon my lack of eloquence. I just. Can't. Convey. My thoughts. *smashes head against wall*