Her Name Was Sunshine

Her Name Was Sunshine

1 chapter / 1800 words

Approximately 9 minutes to read


Winner of the Ripped From the Headlines New York Times contest! This is the sequel to My Name Was Sunshine. It is still far from done. Oliver was Sunshine's boyfriend. She caught him cheating on her with her best friend and ran into the street, getting hit by a car. This is the story from Oliver's point of view.
My entry for InspiringLives National Writing day!


Black bird

over 4 years ago Aviline said:

This is amazing. I hated Oliver before I read this. It makes him the loving boyfriend. It was Maria. It was her.


over 5 years ago Calla Lilly said:

Okay, I was just going to read one, but the first one was to good not to read this one. Again, so much emotion. I really like it. Good Job!


over 5 years ago Kirke-Anne237 said:

This was amazing. I thought I hated this guy until I read this then I was like awwwww, Why did she have to die? It was so sad. It makes me want to cry. Great job on the story!


over 5 years ago Grace said:

I'm crying right now.



over 5 years ago Aurelia said:

Okay, you’ve got some serious awesomeness going on! It was interesting how in the beginning, Oliver talks straight to the reader – that’s not something you see very often. Right from the start it’s clear that there must be something more to the story just from the way Oliver talks about Sunshine that he really cared for her. Poor guy. I’m internally sobbing now.


almost 6 years ago ♡hanee♡ said:

i don't know why that just posted twice...