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A poem to get you in the Christmas Spirit! Yay for Christmas!
*UPDATE* This is a poem in the Sestina form (hence the title). I thought Sestinas were a pretty popular form, but apparently some of you have never seen one before. A sestina is a seven stanza poem (six sestets, one tercet) in which six words are repeated at the end of each line in a specific order depending on the stanza. My six words were "cat," "story," "tree," "bristles," "paper," and "wind." It's a really cool form and a fun thing to try if you're looking for a challenge. Anyway, I just thought I would clarify, as I don't want to take credit for an "original rhyme scheme" or something.


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Cinco de mayo

over 6 years ago Tristan said:

That was so beautiful :) I think that may have been the first sestina I've ever read and it sounds so difficult! I loved the way you turned story into second story of a house in one of the stanzas, it made me smile :) actually, all of it made me smile! Great work!


over 6 years ago E Darby said:

even though its July, I love this. :)

It's a howl gif

over 6 years ago Tate James said:

This is so lovely! I felt all warm and comfy reading it even though it's not even Christmastime anymore. Nostalgic. :')


almost 7 years ago Amber said:

very good poem



almost 5 years ago Julie M. Gomez said:

Seems like its all over the place. Didn't really make sense to me.


almost 7 years ago Liz Varley said:

I really love the warmth and cheer this poem radiates. Definitely has the touch of Christmas spirit! Only thing I would possibly change is the formation of the stanzas, they got me a bit confused as to where a sentence began and ended. Otherwise, great job :)