The Lover of Rain

The Lover of Rain

3 chapters / 1426 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


It's a short story about a girl who met a boy that really loves rain. I used to write in Indonesian language and it's my second attempt translated my stories to English.



almost 6 years ago Camilla Cahill said:

You are an amazing author keep going and translate Micheals point of view quickly!


about 6 years ago Jessica Reyburn said:

This is amazing! I love it! I actually almost started crying... why did you have to kill him?? This is an amazing piece of work, and ....awesome! I'm going to read some more of your work!


about 6 years ago Wholockian said:

Hi! I'm from your swap! This was very well written :) The plot line was so good! And the translation was pretty damn awesome. There were couple of grammatical mistakes, but yeah, whatever. The story stole the show! Good joB!


about 6 years ago Matteus Harper said:

Why kill Micheal? Oh, well, it needed an impact... Well done!



almost 6 years ago Addie said:

I love the story plot I would love if you kept writing it and it became a large story